RUGBY 1823 - The Offer

In the interest of full transparency, we've provided a breakdown of our costs below. We know that these are very competitive prices for the services we are providing, which should convey that we are far more concerned with your club's growth than our own profit margins. We believe that this way, we can ensure our services will be available and affordable to all.

  • We charge a set rate for all clients at the grassroots level, in all sports around the world. (If you are a Semi-Professional or Professional Club, please contact us to discuss the price as you may need extra time with the account manager)

  • This can be paid monthly by Direct Debit, as 2 payments invoices at the start of the season and middle of the season, or a one-off payment at the start of the season.

  • You keep control of your social media, so you can carry on posting things that happen on the day at events and match days with will do the rest.

  • you will have a dedicated account manager who you will be able to contact.

For the 2023/24 season, our price is £1,000 for the whole season. But if you subscribe to our newsletter or social media channels, we do have discounts throughout the season.

If you decide to do a direct debit monthly, it will be £83.50 per month (this works out to about 4 pints a week (£4.90 a pint) to have your social media managed for you).

What we offer is constant posting throughout the whole year (the whole year August to July) to increase supporters' and players' engagement, as well as trying to recruit new players through social media. The main social media we work with is Facebook and Instagram, but we do offer services with TikTok and YouTube. (We do not offer a twitter service as this is an opinion platform).

On Facebook and Instagram, we offer bespoke posts designed to your club's specifications as well as stories and reels, providing you supply us with the media for the reels.

We also know from experience that getting the club events out there to ensure maximum attendance is key this is how grassroots clubs survive with the members engaging in the events. So, we will post to make sure everyone knows what is on and coming up through the season.

If like other clients of ours you have supports that are not on the social media platforms, we also offer a new letter via email to members. This is included in the price but would need to be discussed with your account manager for it to be set up.