Our Journey Begins...

We like to say that our journey started with a chat in the garden. The two of us thought about all of the opportunities our club has missed because they did very little if any, advertising or promotion for their important events. We both wondered why they hadn't thought about posting important dates and information on their social media pages. It's a much simpler way to spread information and ensure club members stay in the know. But as you can imagine for a busy sports club, social media management isn't likely to be very high on their list of priorities.

That's when it hit us. What if there was a way to solve this?

What if there was a company that could do the hard work for them? If only there was a company that could handle everything from their Instagram and Facebook pages to their website.

We both said to each other, "We can do this for them!"

We could manage their social media on all platforms. We'd even redesign their websites and monitor their social media engagement every single day. By taking care of all of this, we'd be leaving clubs and their players with more time to focus on what they're most passionate about...Sports!

We knew this idea was a winner, but we also knew that at our core, we wanted to tailor our services to the smaller clubs that are in need of a helping hand.

This seed of an idea sprouted into the brand that Rugby 1823 is today.

But we'll always remember where our journey began.